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"I have worked directly with Caitlin in a high stress ICU.  Years ago she began promoting wellness through workouts and self care, which I fully enjoyed. I reached out to her again a few months ago because I was struggling not only with my career in the ICU but as a wife and mom. I was suffering from depression and anxiety when I had never experienced these feelings before.

Caitlin was able to empathize with what I was going through because she not only worked in the ICU but also experienced struggles similar to my own. She confirmed what I already suspected to be true, I was suffering from burn out.

After realizing how much I was sacrificing of not only myself but my family for my job, Caitlin encouraged me to reevaluate my priorities and overall vision of what I wanted my life to be.  I ended up applying for a new job that would allow a much better work/life balance. Caitlin offered professional advice and reviewed my resume, LinkedIn profile, and gave me interview tips. Most of all she encouraged me to ask for what I wanted! 

I am happy to say I see balance in the near future. I have accepted a new position and both my family and I are excited for this new chapter as it will allow me the ability to refocus on what I value most. I look forward to continuing to work with Caitlin as I reaffirm my balance and overall mission as a full time working Nurse Practitioner, wife, and (the hardest job of all) a mother." 


Kristin lamella.png

Mom & NP

1:1 Coaching Client

"Cait was a wonderful friend, listener and mentor during a really stressful time in my life. I was feeling burned out from my job during this last year and balancing mom life. She showed compassion and empathy as well as provided helpful tools and resources to help me think out of the box in regards to my career and I’m very grateful for her help."


Mom & PA-C

1:1 Coaching Client


"Coach Cait created a helpful tool for lady bosses and other hustling men to find the balance amidst their careers. She breaks down the reactions of mind body and soul when individuals experience burnout and Cait teaches us how to take a step back and seize control of all of the negative effect that come from burnout." 



Author of 'Imagination Mindset'

Burnout to Balance Workshop Graduate

"Extremely satisfied with my coaching. Before I started I was just kinda there. Going through the motions that is life. Cait helped me break that. She helped me realize my goals, how to get there. She’s helped me become a better friend, son and man. I would describe her coaching as something everyone should look into. As far as burnout, that was a big one for me, something I’m still working on. Cait has helped immensely with burnout. Teaching me tricks to deal with it and fight through it!"

Andrew Spotts.png

1:1 Coaching Client

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