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We have a strong team of individuals that are ready to help you reach your wellness goals

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Caitlin Long
Wife, Mother, PA-C, RYT 200, CEO 

Experienced, passionate clinician for over a decade, using her versatile skills to improve total health and wellness through prevention. She is a Ph.D. in Leadership candidate & expert in burnout, and has presented both on a community and international scale. Cait started Team Lifelong in 2015 & has been dedicated to changing lives ever since. She works full-time at a university helping entrepreneurs develop Tech & Innovation.

Sarah Guevara
Marketing Manager

Sarah is a newly wed, dog mama, and recent graduate of Reading Area Community College (RACC) in Business Administration. She now works full-time in youth STEM education in Berks. Living by the "multipotentialite" rule, she doesn't inhibit herself into only one profession, however, she remembers the importance of keeping a work-life balance & having fun throughout her journey. Sarah believes in empowerment through community and education and looks forward to being a part of your journey!


Samantha Cullen
Clinical Research Assistant

Sammy graduated from Penn State in biology and is currently in Nursing school. She believes in treating a person holistically, especially mentally, and hopes to emphasize that throughout her practice. Sammy is constantly working on herself and has enjoyed finding some great people to do it with! Sammy resides in sunny Tampa, FL with her dog, Pickles. 

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