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Could your employees use a midweek pick-me-up? Are you planning a big event such as a Bachelorette party? Are you in need of Corporate team-building or athletic team bonding? 

If you provide the space, we'll bring the party!

Wellness workshops are utilized by Fortune 500 companies AND small businesses across the globe in an effort to promote health, give back, and take companies & their employees to the next level. 


At Team LifeLong, we incorporate evidenced-based integrative & functional medicine techniques through yoga, meditation, and simplified self-care tactics to help you bring out THE BEST in those around you. 


Booking Group Wellness Workshops for 2022 now!


How group wellness workshops can benefit your company/team, your employees, & your coworkers:


  • Promote happiness and job satisfaction while boosting morale

  • Help relieve stress and tension (and the body aches & pains they cause!)

  • Reenergize, reinvigorate, and refocus your team during that midday slump

  • Combat brain fog & promote mental clarity, while improving decision-making skills and the ability to multitask

  • Improve immunity (less sick days!) while decreasing healthcare costs & turnover

  • Learn hands-on self-care techniques to use in everyday life beyond the training 

  • Improve strength, balance, stamina, flexibility & endurance

  • Experience 10X productivity, which leads to more efficiency and improved customer service

  • Improve communication & openness, and in turn nurturing interpersonal relationships

  • Build a safe environment of respect, camaraderie & support

Still not convinced? 

Set up a free 1:1 consultation to talk goals for your event and we will make it come to life with YOUR vision. 

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