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  • Feel overwhelmed, stressed, or doubtful about your current position in life?

  • Lack the energy or motivation to plan your milestones and take actions towards your goals?

  • Find yourself fatigued before your day even starts? 

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Chances are you are experiencing burnout

It can cause negative feelings towards your expectations, lack of physical energy, emotional depletion, and cognitive dullness. Burnout has been acknowledged since the '70s, and originates from over-exerting yourself, especially at work. 

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Access 5 self-paced modules:

    • Module 1: Enlighten​​​

    • Module 2: Ignite

    • Module 3: Realign

    • Module 4: Get Tactical 

    • Module 5: Integrate

  1. Hands-on PDF worksheets per module for support

  2. Access to our private Facebook group for long-lasting networking and accountability

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This workshop will change your life. But don't take our word for it....


"Coach Cait created a helpful tool for lady bosses and other hustling men to find the balance amidst their careers. She breaks down the reactions of mind body and soul when individuals experience burnout and Cait teaches us how to take a step back and seize control of all of the negative effect that come from burnout.


Author of "Imagination Mindset"

Ready for Balance?

Our next cohort starts 3/4 - are you in? 

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