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Get Cozy, Find Hygge!

With the Winter Solstice right around the corner on December 21st, it is that time of year when the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. This decreased amount of sunlight can trigger a drop in serotonin which can result in lower moods. It is so important to put extra attention into acts of self-care

around this time of year to keep your spirits high.

Hygge is one great way to practice self-care. Hygge is a defining part of Danish culture, referring to the ability to find comfort in creating time for yourself every day. This can mean carving out time to spend quality time with family and friends or putting time aside to spend by yourself. It is all about intentionally turning your focus towards the small things in life that you may traditionally overlook, and being grateful for the ability to rediscover the comfort and joy you can find in each moment. Practicing Hygge makes you realize that focusing on small things can increase your quality of life dramatically. There is so much contentment to be found in the present moment when we allow ourselves to slow down and fully take it in.

The first step of Hygge is to set the scene. Grab a big cozy blanket, put on your favorite robe, and light some candles or the fireplace. This creates a relaxing environment so that you can truly be present. The next step is performing the activities! These can be any activities that put you in a mindset of relaxation and appreciation. See below for a list of ideas to get you in the Hygge spirit:

  • Sip a cup of coffee or tea mindfully

  • Read your favorite book

  • Take up a new hobby or resume an old one (i.e. painting, knitting)

  • Make a 2023 vision board (scroll through Pinterest for some inspo, or sign up for one of our annual vision board parties!)

  • Listen to a guided meditation

  • Put on a face mask

  • Call a loved one

  • Bake a new recipe

  • Journal

  • Take a bath with epsom salt

  • Listen to a wellness podcast

  • Clean out your closet and reorganize

Happiness can be found in the smallest things in our everyday experiences. You do not need to have a boundless amount of money, or exciting adventures planned each day to find joy. Once you slow down enough to fully realize this, life becomes much more fun!

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