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Our Top 5 Tips on How to Bounce Back from a Holiday Weekend:

If you're like us, you may have been hurting from the weekend. The post-holiday blues and BLAHs are real- so how do we come back from it? Here are our top 5 tips to get back on track.


This one is huge. Did you know you should be drinking HALF your body weight (lbs) in OUNCES. ie. 160 lb man should drink 80oz, and more if increasing physical activity & being in the heat. Hydration will help flush out the toxins, as well as decrease the bloat from the excess salt & sugar from the holiday weekend.

Have a Grocery Game Plan

Hit the grocery store and stick to those CLEAN EATS – more likely to be found on the periphery of the store (no processed or canned foods, think “Did it have a life?”). Plan out at least ONE healthy meal each day. Try to make it HEAVY on the raw greens, which are amazing for a detox.

Make your Exercise routine non-negotiable

Moving your body after the holiday sounds like a no brainer, but it is so easy to have a “SLIP” become a “SLIDE” if you missed the weekend to beginning of the week workouts. People love to wait for motivation to come around, but the cold hard truth is, you just gotta start somewhere! Sweat it out with your favorite online bootcamp class -- there are 20 min HIIT classes that I am LOVING right now!

Commit to one of our monthly accountability groups for some extra camaraderie and support!

Get Outdoors

That natural Vitamin D has been SHOWN to be an instant mood booster, and help regulate circadian rhythms. Breathe that fresh air, take a walk or hike, check out a local farm market; let nature be your therapy.

Let nature be your therapy!

Stick to a Self-Care Routine

Of course, along with proper exercise and nutrition, there are other things we must focus on to keep ourselves running like a well-oiled machine. What are you doing for relaxation? Take a nice bath, do some yoga and stretching before bed. Shoot for a minimum 8 hours of sleep to reboot the system. Consider journaling or meditation to help fight negativity and bring in those good vibes.

Let us know if you have any other favorite tips to bounce back after the holiday.

XO Coach Cait

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