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How Are You Supposed to Pour from an Empty Cup?

Stop saying tomorrow. Stop saying next round. Stop saying it's not the right time. Stop putting everyone else's needs before taking care of your own health.

How are you supposed to pour from an empty cup?


Here are some ways to practice self-care - even when life feels ridiculously hard!

1. Take a long hot shower, followed directly by hopping into clean pjs or comfy clothes and hitting the couch.

2. Write a gratitude list.

3. Book yourself in for a pamper session.

4. Hit the open road and go for a drive with the music up loud.

5. Enjoy a nice long bath with Epsom salts.

6. Play with your pet.

7. Play a sport. It helps you to focus and release any frustrations.

8. Light some candles, incense and sit back and relax with a nice glass of wine.

9. Workout and enjoy the endorphins afterward.

10. Relax and color with an adult coloring book.

11. Take a complete social media detox break.

12. Clear the clutter. Be it from your mind, computer, desk, house, back patio, etc.

13. Meditate, do yoga, practice mindfulness.

14. Take a nap.

15. Journal and write your heart out. Try writing a 99 things I love list.

16. Go on a leisurely walk.

17. Pick up the telephone and talk to someone.

18. Put on some music and sing or dance around the room.

19. Splurge on a favorite treat – a fancy cup of coffee, a store-bought sweet treat, a new book or accessory, etc.

20. Put your legs up. Way up. (Read this about the benefits of the legs up the wall pose)

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