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The Compound Effect & Fitness

Updated: May 23, 2019

The magic answer to losing weight and getting fit? Spoiler alert: there is none.

Here's something I've learned recently that I thought I'd share.

80% of the rich EARNED their way up. They are not rich because they are smarter, but they are rich because they are willing to do the things that others are not. They make small daily changes for the better that compound over time.

There is NO magic answer.

That is the same thing that goes for fitness. It's not about doing something crazy drastic that you can't maintain.

It's about doing the small things each day...workout, drink your shake, eat every 3 hours, track your calories, get plenty of sleep, drink enough water, that make a huge difference over time.

These things are so easy to do...but they are just as easy not to do and that's why so many struggles. No, you won't see a difference in the mirror after 1 workout or one day of clean eating. Just like you won't see a difference in the mirror if you skip a workout or eat a pizza. But if you do either one consistently over time you will see a HUGE difference.

The compound effect can work for you or against you but it's definitely up to YOU!!!

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